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Epicuren Discovery 

All skin types, including sensitive, clogged and acne prone skin, will benefit from Epicuren Facial Treatment

This results oriented facial is often described as a “non-surgical face lift” because it utilizes a unique protein enzyme that stimulates cell renewal 

This enzyme is a protein derived from pharmaceutical enzyme research performed on burn victims. Researchers applied the research to healthy skin as – it encourages the skin to self rejuvenate 

Your Esthetician will customize your facial to your skin type as she will: 

Incorporate a number of enzymes and vitamins along with special enzyme peeling

Manually will  cleanse your pores

Apply two firming masks  to your face to achieve remarkable results 

BENEFITS of Epicuren Facial Treatment :  Dramatically improves the skin’s appearance by lifting, tightening, & firming facial skin Increases skins clarity, elasticity, texture, tone and overall health

Your skin will have radiant glow and firmness along with super clarity. Best part is , it will last for days.

We recommend six bi-weekly treatments to get started for the most benefit.